Super Wonderful Spoiled Rotten Black Tri Miniature
Black Tri Toy, Very Playful, Very wonderful and loving.
Ragnar has the heart of a Viking and the but is as soft as kitty inside. We found him dumped at a workplace at 3 to four weeks old. We took him home and bottle fed him and loved him until he became the warrior he is now. He is an inside cat with limited outside activities due to where we live. We didn't expect to own a cat but couldn't stand to do anything else but to keep him and love him. He ...
Dave was found when she was dumped, we took her in not expecting to have a cat but fell in love and we named her before we learned about cats.. She lives mostly inside and is affectionate and sweet. Dave loves to climb trees but her outside adventures are limited due to where we live. Food is a huge priority and will let you know when its dinner time. Dave loves to fetch a broken hair tie (? we...
Working Anatolian Guard Dog Puppies For Sale. We run Sheep and Goats at the Ranch and the Parents of the puppies or working dogs. Anatolian stay with the sheep and goats. The Puppies are ready to go at this time. 325-203 1260